Creating Happy
Dogs *and people

Things have been crazy these last two years, but that doesn’t mean that your relationship with your dog should suffer.

As a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant, I’ll help you tackle those difficult obstacles you’re facing – such as fear, anxiety, aggression, disobedience.

Train With Sara

Creating Happy
Dogs *and people

Things have been crazy these past two years, but that doesn’t mean that your relationship with your dog should suffer.

As a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant, I’ll help you tackle those difficult obstacles you’re facing – such as fear, anxiety, aggression, disobedience.

Train With Sara

The Canine Community™

The Canine Community™ is for dog-loving pet owners (and families) that want the very best for their dog. These are just some of the great benefits that the community offers:

  • Monthly Behavior and Wellness Presentations
  • Twice Monthly Live Q&A Sessions with Sara
  • Access to strategic monthly challenges to improve your bond
  • Chances each month to win pawesome pet parent prizes
  • Automatic entry into monthly give-a-ways
  • Instructor-led Pack Walks (Greater Charlotte Area)
  • Discounts on pet products and food
  • Access to the community forum for behavior and wellness support

I know you love your dog (that’s why you’re on my website), so I highly recommend joining the community so you can give your dog the best life possible.

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A special “thank you” to these great clients for taking the time to share their experiences with others.

To say that Sara has been a blessing to us is the understatement of the year!!  We truly can’t thank her enough for all that she did for us and Kelso. Others absolutely need to know how much we appreciate and HIGHLY recommend her!

Rebeccah, Kelso

Highly Recommend👍

We needed help with Gracie’s impulsive reactions and fear responses to things like the gas fireplace. Sara came to the rescue teaching us how to redirect our dog’s attention during anxiety-filled walks through busy places, like parks with running, screaming children. Always calm and confident she was right there with us giving us the tools and the confidence to stop shrinking away from public places and get out there! We adopted muzzle training too for those times when it’s called for. No stigma, just a solid tool when we need it.

Already well trained in leash walking and “sit” and “down,” we had never tried “place” training. If there’s one gift that we value the most from Sara, this is it! Gracie is so excited to go to her place that she literally bounces into place because she knows no matter how long she waits, there will be something delicious at the end of it for her. No more being followed around the kitchen!

Thanks for all of it, Sara.

April, Gracie

Sara has helped change our life!

She came into our home with a calm confidence and helped me work with my deaf dog. Jude has a laundry list of problems and anxieties, but her confidence gave me confidence. Sara’s knowledge of dog behavior is solid and is a game-changer compared to any other ‘trainer’ we have ever worked with. She is the real deal and if you follow her lead, your dog and you will find much-needed peace.

We are beyond grateful for Sara and will continue to sing her praise to anyone that will listen. I would also like to note that we were able to help my dog without a prong, shock collar, or any other adverse tools. It was all confidence building, repetition, and consistency!

Kari, Jude

We brought our Miniature Schnauzer, Beau, in for a consultation in January of this year.  You recognized his issues very precisely and quickly.  We were so impressed with our visit and the training program you sent us.

Beau is like a different dog!  You may not remember, but our goals were to make Beau happier and me less stressed.  All your suggestions worked beautifully.  We have worked hard on implementing the training suggestions and there is an immense difference in his behavior and my stress level.  We have worked diligently to socialize him when walking or meeting people or other dogs and our neighbors always comment on how well he is behaving.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us get his issues under control.

Donna, Beau

I wanted to tell you that I can’t believe how well Gidget did on our walk today. I’m still in shock. I definitely feel hopeful for probably the first time since getting Gidget, in that I see she can be open to learning new behaviors.

Lindsay, Gidget

We have a dog with a lot of fear-based issues. Sara Ondrako helped to break down big changes, that seemed absolutely impossible to do on our own, into small manageable pieces for altering his behavior.

We so enjoyed working with Sara. She truly cares about each dog she works with.

Sarah, Dino

I highly recommend Sara Ondrako for your dog training needs. She is professional, knowledgeable and took the time to really help explain my dog breed’s behavior and instincts and why it would be beneficial to use certain training tools and methods. Setting up a time to talk was easy and simple and worth the consultation fee.

She is an expert in her field and I wanted expert advice for my rescue dog with leash reactivity issues. I am looking forward to working with her with Sam.

Kimber, Sam

Timing, Consistency, Compassion

My clients are very used to these three terms because they are fundamentally crucial in teaching a dog how to best navigate our human lives with success.


Timing is critical in building associations whether it is timing of reward, or timing of an interruption of a behavior


Consistency means that you are unwavering in your asks, expectations, reward systems, words that you use as cues, and follow-through so as not to create confusion


Compassion is teaching with patience. Dogs do not speak our language and they make dog decisions. It’s our job to be understanding of that, and be patient and loving with our communication

Happy Dogs & Happy Humans

I help people “speak dog” and to reach their goals creating a safer environment for both animals and their human companions.

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