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Dr. Greg Echols

Social Media & Client Education

Dr. Greg Echols is a practicing relief veterinarian in North Carolina who has helped bring #vetlife and #vettechlife, as they say, to the forefront through his social media channels, particularly TikTok. Dr. Echols brings relatable humor in a time of staff shortages, shelter crises, pandemic puppy backlash, and a need to bridge the communication gap between pet parents and pet providers. I really enjoyed getting to know Greg a bit more and hope you enjoy our conversation primarily centered around social media as an influence for client and public education, not just on all things pertinent to pets but to the human relationship dynamic that often gets lost under the umbrella of business.

Dr. Echols veterinary journey began in 2007, pursuing his bachelor’s in animal care and Management. After receiving an associate’s degree, he went after his bachelor’s degree in lab animal science at NC A&T State University. During this transition, he gained significant experience by working at an animal hospital as a veterinary assistant for 7.5 years. Echols went on to obtain his DVM from Virginia- Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine in 2020. He completed a one-year emergency and surgery internship and then transitioned to an associate for one year.

You can find Dr. Greg Echols and share some very relatable laughs here: