Sara is a Certified Behavior Professional, which is different from a Certified Dog Trainer. While training is often intertwined with behavior, they are two separate fields. This is often a confusing topic for pet parents, especially since some Dog Trainers will take on behavior cases. Sara wrote an article outlining all of the different titles (and what they mean) in an effort to help pet parents better understand the differences.  You can check out that article here:

What is the Difference Between a Dog Trainer and a Behaviorist?

The short answer is that you can think of dog trainers as those that focus primarily on obedience skills and cues (sit, down, stay) and canine behavior professionals as those that focus on why the animal is acting a certain way and how to modify undesirable or dangerous behaviors into alternative, appropriate, healthy behaviors.

While Sara is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, for years, she has been training PTSD Service Dogs in her spare time for a nonprofit program called Operation Sidekick. Included in her position with the team, she specifically trains obedience, relationship-building, and tasks specific to handler needs. She teaches volunteers and other trainers how to train the dogs, and teaches veterans being paired with the dogs how to utilize the skill set of their service dogs.