How I avoid losing momentum with New Years Resolutions and how you can apply that to your relationship with your dog

January came in and hit the ground running for me. There certainly wasn’t a sense of – come in quietly, sit down, and don’t touch anything vibe as tentatively expressed in so many New Years memes since 2021. From the dozens of questionnaires filled out and messages from concerned dog moms and dads already rolling in, it appears to be the same for pet parents wanting to help their stressed or anxious pups as well.

If you are the kind of person that feels refreshed by the new year – a clean slate, a start again of 365 new blank canvas days to meet your goals, to do things differently. Then I challenge you to give my strategy a try this year. Who knows – maybe next year too!

My New Year’s resolution is just: better.

This book started my recurring New Year resolution theme.

Credit: Atul Gawande, Author, Surgeon

In fact, better is my New Year’s resolution every year now. At first, that might sound like I keep failing, so I start again with the same resolution in hopes of one-day meeting that goal. The truth, however, is that I continue to meet that goal year after year. It looks different each year for me, but it’s attainable, and looking back, I can see the growth based on setting that attainable goal. That gives me the motivation to keep going and keep getting – you guessed it – better.

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