Behavior & Training

Learning canine behavior brings a deeper meaning to understanding not only why dogs do the things that they do, but in how you can use that knowledge to better communicate with them.


Behavior services can help you prevent or handle problematic behaviors such as fear, anxiety, and aggression.

Prevention is the best medicine – behavior is no exception. Behavior services can be helpful in preparing for transitions or events that may induce stress (good or bad) such as adding a new baby to the family, moving to a new home, changes among the people living in the home, and even adding a new dog to the family.

Behavior services can address already existing or developing behavioral issues such as the following:

  • Aggression – human, animal, barrier, leash, territorial, child-related
  • Resource/food guarding
  • Possessiveness of owners
  • Fear – thunderstorm phobias, other animals, strangers, children
  • Anxiety
  • Introducing additional dogs
  • Introducing babies/children
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Working Dogs

If you need help selecting and/or training a Working Dog, I offer one-on-one services to appropriately identify your needs for the animal, determine if the animal is the right fit for the job, the right fit for your environment, and help you train your dog to be successful at their job.

Need Public Access

For individuals or families faced with challenges related to disabilities, (mental and/or physical) I offer service dog training, specifically for individuals with PTSD, including but not limited to veterans, children, first responders, and sexual trauma victims.

This includes Public Access and Non-public access work based on the abilities of the dog and the needs of the person with the disability.

Please carefully read my requirements for training a public access dog prior to booking a consult.

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Public Access Not Required

  • Humane Education dogs
  • Therapy Training
  • Emotional Support Animals
Reach Out About Your Needs

** Please do not inquire about service dog training for your dog if you do not have a physical or mental disability. I do not train dogs for public access for anyone that does not have an actual need for the tasks provided by service animals. This includes training for Emotional Support Animals.

It is illegal to falsely impersonate a service animal in public, even if your animal is well trained**

Private Training

Create a well-mannered canine from the very start or build on what your dog already knows to take their obedience skills to the next level.

I offer limited one-on-one training for clients looking to either begin their journey with a new dog or puppy the best they can for a lifetime of behavioral success, or, to teach specific skills to achieve their personal training goals. Whether you are looking to create a well-mannered canine from the very start, or, to build on what your dog already knows to take their obedience skills to the next level,

I can help you make the most of you relationship with your dog to reach your goals.

  • Canine Good Citizen, (includes Urban and Advanced)
  • AKC Temperament Title Training
  • Basic/Advanced Obedience
  • Polite Puppy Protocol Training
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