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Whether you are looking to refer a case out to a specialist or simply need to decide which direction to go in on a particular behavior issue, a virtual rounds session is an easy way to get help quickly – especially for critical behavior cases.

Virtual consultations start at 15 minutes up through an hour depending on the needs of you and your client. I don’t schedule less than 15 minutes even in fairly seemingly straight-forward cases just due to it not being enough time to make responsible assessments without adequate background and dialogue on the animal.

Virtual sessions are not meant to take the place of referring out to a board certified veterinary behaviorist, however, you may want to consider a virtual session rather than a referral out if:

  • There is a financial concern for your client
  • Location – there are no board certified veterinary behaviorists within reasonable travel distance for your clients
  • You want to offer your client advice in-house and just need affirmation on the guidance you’ve chosen
  • You are training a behavior technician and you would like them to round cases for learning and practice

Client Services

I offer my “Pet CPR Class” and “Start Your Puppy Off Right Class” to veterinary clinics in the Greater Charlotte Area. It’s a great way to engage your clients and offer added value to the services you already provide.

Canine CPR Checking for Pulse

Pet CPR Classes

In my CPR class, I cover:

  • When CPR is appropriate / When it is not
  • How to check for a pulse
  • One person CPR or Two person CPR
  • CPR differences in small animals versus large animals
  • Being prepared ahead of time for an emergency
  • Effective techniques to make it count

This is a one hour class comprised of lesson, hands-on practice with clients, and time for questions. There is not a limit to the number of attendees per class (this is solely based on space).

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Start Your Puppy Off Right Class

There are a few foundational tools to have in your training tool box that when implemented, help set puppies up for a lifetime of behavioral success. In this class I cover topics such as the following:

  • Tethering – the fast track to bond building and training
  • Speaking dog – nonverbal communication, what is effective and what is not
  • Timing and consistency – how to be well practiced at both
  • How to provide adequate mental and physical stimulation

This class is behavior-focused and is designed to arm clients with foundational information to use in all areas of not just training, but building a meaningful relationship with their dog. This class is an hour and is comprised of puppy social time, a lesson, and time for questions.

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Staff Training

I work with veterinary hospitals to help train staff.

For Your Staff:

  • Boarding and Playgroups
  • Safe Introductions and Reading Social Behaviors
  • Avoiding Kennel Stress
  • Enrichment for Boarders
  • Low Stress Handling Techniques
  • Low Stress ICU Techniques
  • Surgery Recovery Techniques

If outside of the Charlotte, NC area, in-hospital training is available for the cost of the course plus travel and accommodations.

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