Surviving Puppy Biting

From the time those sharp little needle teeth emerge through your dog’s gums until about six months of age when adult teeth come in, the world is a giant chew toy to puppies, and sometimes that includes us! Puppy teeth don’t just put holes in your favorite shoes. They can put holes in your fingers and your ankles, too.

While sometimes destructive and even a little painful, puppy biting isn’t “bad” behavior. It’s actually a completely normal behavior that needs shaping. The puppy teething phase gives you a golden opportunity to teach your puppy what’s appropriate to put their teeth on and what’s not.

Remember, your puppy is learning new things every day. Their biting isn’t meant to cause harm. They’re just exploring and discovering how to relate to people, other pets, and new objects. There are several ways to keep puppy biting at bay, so keep these moves in mind next time your puppy gets too mouthy:

Article originally posted for Native Pet