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Training With Sara

Sara offers both in-person and virtual canine behavior modification options. An evaluation is required for all new clients.

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Sara Ondrako with Husky Puppies


Step 1: Complete the Canine Questionnaire (~5 minutes)

Complete Canine Questionnaire

Step 2: Where Are You Located?

Evaluations are required for all new clients. Due to Sara’s current caseload, she is only offering in-person evaluations in the highlighted area of the map below. If you are outside the current in-person evaluation area please book a virtual consultation (which will be a substitute for the in-person evaluation).

Pay In-Person Evaluation Fee
Schedule & Pay Virtual Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an evaluation and why do I need one?2022-03-22T12:07:14-04:00

The evaluation process is really important when it comes to understanding what may be causing the behavioral issues you’re facing with your dog. The process actually begins with the Canine Questionnaire so that Sara could gather information about your dog and look for underlying markers/signs. Once the Canine Questionaire is completed Sara will conduct either an “In-Person Evaluation”, or a “Virtual Consultation” (based on your location).

  • 45 Minute Evaluation or Virtual Consultation
  • A Customized Behavioral Evaluation Summary
  • 15 Minute Phone Call to Review Summary / Q&A

Customized Behavioral Evaluation Summaries include general case information, objective and subject assessments, behavior recommendations, equipment recommendations, and related videos. If you decide to work with Sara on modifying your dog’s behavior she will then write a detailed Behavior Plan for your sessions.

What type of behavior cases does Sara take on?2022-03-15T09:27:05-04:00

Sara works with all sorts of behavioral issues, everything from instilling good behaviors in puppies (to avoid future issues) to severe aggression cases. Many people contact her and have had success working with her on separation-related behavior issues, as well as aggression issues with their dog.

Is Sara a dog trainer?2022-03-15T09:28:55-04:00

This is often a confusing topic for pet parents. Sara wrote an article outlining all of the different titles (and what they mean) in an effort to help pet parents better understand the differences.  You can check out that article here:

What is the Difference Between a Dog Trainer and a Behaviorist?

The short answer is that you can think of dog trainers as those that focus on obedience (sit, down, stay) and canine behavior professionals as those that focus on why the animal is acting a certain way (and how to correct that behavior).


What comes after the evaluation?2022-03-15T09:35:59-04:00

Once the evaluation is complete Sara will send a detailed write-up summarizing the evaluation. You can then schedule a 15-minute post-evaluation phone call to review the summary and ask for any clarification on the topics covered (if needed).

If you decide that working with Sara is the best fit for your situation we will then schedule sessions for Sara to work with you and your dog on modifying behavioral issues.

I had a virtual consultation but want to work with Sara in person. Is that possible?2022-03-15T09:50:24-04:00

Yes. Sara does in-person behavioral modification all throughout the Greater Charlotte Area. Due to the demand on her time, she limits her travel for the initial evaluation but extends that radius for clients that want to hire her for behavioral modification.

Does Sara offer single training sessions for behavior modification?2022-03-15T09:41:12-04:00

No. Changing the behavior in a dog (and the human) takes time, and is not something that can be accomplished in a single session or two. When Sara takes on a behavioral case it is typically for 8-weeks. She has found that when you combine individual sessions with homework and consistency you can shape the behaviors you want to see over a two-month period.

Do you offer board & train?2022-03-15T09:42:10-04:00

Due to her current schedule, Sara is not offering a board and train service at this time.

Are virtual appointments any good?2022-03-15T09:43:10-04:00

Absolutely! Sara works with people (and their dogs) all over the country with great success. It’s amazing what can be done virtually to help improve your dog’s behavior.

How does a virtual session work?2022-03-15T09:44:29-04:00

Once you book your appointment online you’ll receive an email with a link to your Zoom Meeting. If you prefer to use something other than Zoom please let us know and we can work that out.

After your virtual session is completed Sara will send you a write-up with what was discussed and what her recommendations are moving forward.

Does Sara wear a mask?2022-03-15T09:45:24-04:00

Sara will not be wearing a mask when meeting for the first time. It is important for dogs to be able to read her facial expressions and wearing a mask impairs that from happening.

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