2021 Dog Holiday Gift Guide

Here is my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Parents!

Here is my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Parents! These are my top five gift picks which include something for everyone! Avid reader? Techie? Fitness Fanatic? Just want to see your dog light up with excitement this holiday? I’ve got you covered.

1. Apple Airtag – $29 (https://amzn.to/3nY1LzV) The Apple Airtag is my favorite pet parent tech gift this year, as not only does the price beat out GPS dog collars, but the versatility as well! You can attach the Airtag to a key ring on their collar or affix it to a harness or hiking pack. If your dog gets lost, the same technology used for contactless payment on any phone (Android or Apple) can provide information to reunite you and your lost companion. You can track your dog’s location, no matter how far, the same way that you track your other Apple devices through Find my Phone.

2. Orbee-Tuff Snoop – $16.99 (https://amzn.to/3xI8cdX) Your dog needs enrichment every single day! These Orbee -Tuff Snoops are perfect tools to add to your daily enrichment toolbox. These toys come in two different sizes with accessories to make them even more fun and challenging. Aside from making mealtime more exciting, these are great to toss your dog’s way when you leave or when they are crated to help build independent confidence as well as keep a positive association with the crate. These are easy to load, easy to clean, and inexpensive. Total win for doggie gifts this year!

3. Wag, The Science of Making Your Dog Happy – $16.49 (https://amzn.to/3FRh2bP) For the reader on your nice list: I love this book by Zazie Todd – Wag, The Science of Making Your Dog Happy. This book is packed with information backed by scientific research. Zazie does a lovely job of delivering her content in an easily digestible manner, making it an easy read for any pet parent. Socialization, veterinary care, end of life – this is a well-rounded book that covers the important topics for pet parents.

4. FitPaws Dog Balance Bone – $80 (https://amzn.to/3cUuaAQ) Building confidence, increasing paw awareness, and strengthening your bond with your dog in a fun way – this balance bone is perfect for introducing you and your dog to the world of dog fitness! I very frequently recommend fitness equipment and/or agility work for my fearful and anxious dogs. An activity such as this that works the brain and body can be very helpful in a dog’s ability to better let go of the distracting world around them and focus more on the activity and handler. Throw in the enjoyment your dog experiences working through physical balance tasks and you’ve got an excellent reinforcer for working through tough situations in a fun, trust-building way.

5. Puppy Starter Pack – $97 (https://saraondrako.com/puppy) I’ve curated all of my favorite items to start puppy training and put them together in my Puppy Starter Pack making it easy to get everything you need to get started in one place. These are leashes, treats, how-to instructionals, toys, and items that I not only recommend to clients but also use personally with all of my puppies – both my own and the PTSD service dogs that I train. My YouTube channel has various tutorials to help you utilize many of the products in my puppy pack. Check out my Hands-free leash video https://youtu.be/BTmtIW42K9s and my Top 8 Cues video https://youtu.be/7h2jAorpM1c to see some of these in action. This is the perfect gift for a new puppy parent this year.

Nom Nom Dog Jerky: https://nomnomnow.idgz2n.net/jYKZ0
Embark DNA Kit for Your Dog: https://shrsl.com/2csvu

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