3-Legged Service Dog: My Evaluation of Vinny

How much can you get to know a dog in 2 hours?

How much can you get to know a dog in 2 hours? You’d be surprised! Not enough to make a judgment call on whether the dog would be a great service candidate or not, but that’s why Vinny the rescued tripod, tri-pi pittie is with me. So if I can’t determine if he’d make a good candidate in that amount of time, what’s the point? 🤔

It’s more about what I can do with Vinny in 2 hours! I can look for any immediate or outwardly obvious red flags such as a severe reaction to another animal or a young child. I can see if he likes to work. I can see if he’s human motivated. I can see if he has any apparent resource guarding or even escape behaviors. Mostly, I can attempt to rule him out as a good candidate based on our interactions and if I can’t rule him out – he’s in!! 🤩

Operation Sidekick is a program dedicated to raising and training rescued pit bulls as service dogs for veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD). Learn more about this amazing program and support their mission at https://os.vet.

Join the Pack or purchase some cool swag to continue helping dogs like Vinny and veterans in need. 🐶


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