Exercises to Easily Teach Your Dog Heel

Easy ways to help communicate with your dog so that they can learn how to heel and not pull on the leash

In this video, I’ll show you how to easily teach your dog heel by going through some exercises that accelerate the learning process.

Here are 3 heel games for a better heel with your dog: Exercise One: Stationary – this exercise starts with the dog in a stationary seated position and ends with the dog in the heel position. This is practiced first with a lure, then phasing the lure to a hand gesture with consequent reward, then bringing in the cue word “heel” in with the landed position once the dog understands what you are looking for from this exercise.

***Bonus – 3 Ways to Advance it: 1. Try this from a standing stationary position instead of sitting 2. Try it starting with your dog at a diagonal angle four feet away from you 3. Try it starting with the dog on your right side and luring him/her to the left heel position behind your back.

Exercise Two: Moving – this exercise involves starting in a stationary position and ending with your dog moving with you together in the heel position. Start with the dog in a heel position either standing or seated. Place your lure in front of the dog’s nose and take one big step forward with your left leg. As the dog walks with you, release the treat as you come to a stop.

Exercise Three: Combination – start in a stationary position with your dog in the heel position and take a big step to your left with your lure in front of the dog. As your dog follows and remains in heel, as you come to a stop, let go of the lure to reward. Take a big step to the right and repeat. The right step is definitely trickier so may require more practice than stepping to your left with your dog. Phase-out the lure to just your hand, then phase out your hand and weave in that heel cue.


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