Behavior Analysis: Leash Walking Issues

Make the walk a walk – not a game

Why does my dog do that?! In this episode of behavior analysis, we look at one dog that escalates his frustration into behaviors that can eventually become dangerous if not addressed. For a young dog with a fast mind, providing adequate mental stimulation and exercise is important. Timing, knowing our dog’s limits, and consistency are all key factors as well in mitigating behavior like what is shown in this video. Here are a few things that I would do with this specific dog to help his owners through this frustrating display:

  1. Play tug or fetch for at least five to ten minutes before his walk
  2. Reward him for behaviors that you do want to see more of (using praise or food reward to indicate “yes – more of this behavior”)
  3. Have some fun on the walk – bring a toy to occupy his mouth and play on and off with him, go around trees and/or up and over obstacles.
  4. Less verbal communication and bargaining – more body language and movement to communicate
  5. If you make an ask (give a cue) stick to that one cue and follow-through – don’t add additional cues/commands
  6. The game ends when the teeth come out. Interrupt this behavior but once interrupted, change gears and move on to the next thing, (i.e. resume walking, engage a moment of play, etc.)
  7. Lead like the Leader in a Dance, as Sophia Yin would say:


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