Dog Parks & Dog Bars: Set Your Dog Up For Success

If you want your dog to have as much fun socializing at a dog bar as you do, this video is for you!

If you want your dog to have as much fun socializing at a dog bar as you do, this video is for you! It’s great to be able to bring our dogs along when we go out to socialize so a dog bar is a perfect idea! However, as I say it all of the time, dogs aren’t people (🤯 😆) and we can’t just expect to throw them together with a bunch of other strangers and naturally just be super happy and comfortable with it. Sure some dogs can but most dogs need some safe acclimation. This video is about introducing them to strangers (and any new environment really) at their pace so that you set them up for success in meeting new friends rather than setting them up to scuffle due to stress.

**Don’t rush it – give them time to get comfortable with their surroundings before releasing them to the pack of strangers

**Don’t forget that you brought a dependent to the bar – it’s quite literally like bringing a 5-year-old to the bar – even though you are there to socialize too, keep one eye on your pup at all times to be able to intervene if needed

**Let dogs be dogs – most of the time it’s good for dogs to work through their own stuff and find their place among friends, however, not all domesticated dogs are good communicators anymore the way that we have bred them and not all humans are good at knowing when their dogs have had enough. pull your dog out while they are still happy and having fun so that is the experience that they leave the dog bar with and the energy that they bring back to the dog bar. If you wait until they are really tired and they get into it with another dog because of that, you are running the risk that they have a poor experience and will return with some anticipatory stress, meaning, they won’t have as much fun as they could, or, they may not enjoy the dog bar visits anymore.

**Keep your canines current on all vaccines against diseases that can get transmitted such as bordetella (kennel cough) and canine influenza on top of their core vaccines (distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, and rabies). most facilities require the core vaccines but the others protect your dog against air-borne illnesses that are easy to transmit and can make your dog sick.

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