How To Correctly Cut, Trim & Dremel Your Dog’s Nails

Trimming your dogs nails doesn’t have to be intimidating

Trimming your dogs nails doesn’t have to be intimidating. Often dogs that are terrible when getting their nails trimmed have been conditioned that way by people for a number of reasons including things like having anxiety about nail trimming when attempting to nail trim, not making it a positive experience, (fun or at least tasty) for the dog just like every other activity they enjoy, improper set up for comfortable handling, cutting their nails too much as a puppy, and cutting into their quick (sensitive vascular part of their nails) too many times.

All of these things can be avoided by going into nail trimming with a little education, being conservative at first, having a positive attitude, keeping it enjoyable for your dog, and just like any other skill – practicing!

Don’t worry about black nails, don’t worry if they are fussy the first time or two. You both have to get used to the process to be comfortable with it.

If you still feel uncomfortable after watching this video – have a groomer or a veterinary technician spend a few minutes with you to show you in person.

Don’t forget my favorite tool in nail care – the Dremel! Below is a list of items I use in this video if you’d like to shop around for the same:

Small Nail Trimmers (puppies, cats, kittens, small dogs):

Heavy Duty Nail Trimmers w/Guard (medium, large, and giant dogs):

Heavy Duty Nail Trimmers w/out Guard:

Dremel Lite (small version comes with cone tip):

Dremel (My personal Pick):

Cone Tip for Dremel:

If you’d like to work with me schedule a virtual consultation:


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