How To Fix Barrier Aggression In Dogs

Barrier aggression can be intimidating for some owners to tackle

Barrier aggression can be intimidating for some owners to tackle. In this video, I’m going to show you how to fix barrier aggression using a couple of simple techniques. While some situations require more in-depth work, most stress that is related to this behavior can be greatly reduced using these techniques.

A dog acting aggressively behind a fence, door, a baby gate, or even from inside of a crate when they do not act aggressively outside of those scenarios is considered barrier aggression. This behavior can be caused by a number of things such as stress under confinement, frustration, resource guarding, territorialism, and even simply anxiety or fear.

Luckily, barrier aggression is one of those unwanted behaviors that you can alleviate with slow, steady practice using positive reinforcement.

This video demonstrates a few simple exercises to help alleviate the stress of barrier aggression towards another animal with a crate, baby gate, and french doors. There are many other options for working with more severe cases and it’s always a great idea to work with a behavior professional anytime you are attempting to modify unwanted behaviors.

00:00 – Barrier Aggression
00:54 – Why Does Barrier Aggression Occur?
01:44 – Contributing Factors
02:30 – How To Help Your Dog (Crate Aggression / Guarding)
07:15 – How To Help Your Dog (Gate / Fence Aggression)
08:57 – Impulse Control Is Important In Helping Barrier Aggression
09:57 – How To Help Your Dog (Door Aggression)
13:47 – What NOT To Do!

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