Is Chuck McBride The Most Dangerous Dog Trainer on YouTube?

My thoughts on Chuck McBride’s “Dog Training” Methods

My thoughts on Chuck McBride’s “Dog Training” Methods.

When people have to surrender their dog to the shelter or euthanize their dog and use common phrases such as “I don’t know what happened, he just snapped” and “we’ve had a professional trainer and have done everything right just like they said to” I think of practices like Chuck McBride’s.

I watched this video for the first time when I recorded this. I have only ever seen one other video from this “trainer” which was about a year ago and I was horrified watching this over the top cowboy character pin down and sit on top of an adult dog as his first method of modifying a behavior. What was worse was listening to him in the video trying to tell the owner what the dog was thinking given that he was completely misreading the dog’s behavior. The information he gave the owners and the method he used to subdue the dog was a disaster.

Fast forward a year later, now that I’ve just recently started a YouTube channel about canine behavior, I was sent this video and asked to comment on it. Having a vague memory of his horrifying practices, I agreed to film my reaction to this video live. I was really hoping that Chuck had changed his ways and might have grown some in his practices but I believe that he is just as much a con as he was in the first video I watched. He does not know what he’s doing, he’s giving out dangerous instruction, and I would feel irresponsible in not pointing out some of the things that need attention before too many people try to replicate what they see on his YouTube channel.

The events in this video did nothing to help this dog’s state of mind around other animals and these practices are not just outdated, they are dangerous. I say this coming from a place of great growth in my own training practices. When I was younger, I was heavy-handed and very bossy as a “leader” with dogs. I was self-aware enough to know what I was doing wasn’t working and I needed to evolve my practices. The same goes for trainers like Chuck – it’s time to evolve.

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