My Favorite Training Tools

What’s in my personal training and behavior tool kit?

What’s in my personal training and behavior tool kit? Cleaning out my dog supplies was the perfect time to give you an overview of the tools I use most frequently. What I have versus what I actually use. Whether you are looking to declutter and get rid of ineffective tools or you want to know what to add to your training and behavior tool kit – a look at my supplies can help!

My favorite go-tos that I think everyone should have:

Hands-free leash:
Alley Oop:
NomNom Jerky Treats:
Zuke’s Training Treats:

Runner-up favorites:

Hiking packs with water bottles:
Paw washer:

Other Keepers:

Slow Feed Bowl:
Baskerville Muzzle:
Puzzle Toys:
Biodegradable Poop Bags:
Animal Pharmaceutical Products:


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