November Giveaway! My Favorite Items For Dog Owners

I’m giving away some of my favorite dog items!

I’m giving away some of my favorite dog items! This video is all about why! 😊 I’m a believer in sharing great things and if I can make your life with your dog just a little more fun or let’s be real – even easier, I feel pretty good about that!

Some of the products I’m giving away I’ve purchased to do so. The awesome team over at Nom Nom gifted me 2 free weeks of their awesome dog food, some of my favorite chicken and beef jerky, AND a DNA gut health test – because they are just super cool people that love dogs as much as I do.

How do you win? Super easy. If you’re a subscriber – you’re already entered!! No hoops to jump through and no five step process required. Though if you’re feeling grateful for free stuff, I do recommend heading over to Nom Nom’s Facebook and Instagram page to share some love back at them. ✌️

The winners are selected from my subscriber list through a third party random selection generator. Keep an eye on my Instagram and/or Facebook pages as I’ll announce the winners on both.

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Nom Nom Dog Jerky:
Embark DNA Kit for Your Dog:

If you would like me to analyze your dog’s behavior for free on YouTube you can submit your video here

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