Raise A Well-Behaved Dog: How To Teach The Top 8 Cues (Commands) To Your Dog or Puppy

Master the Top 8 Dog Training Cues

Master the Top 8 Dog Training Cues (commands): sit, watch me, stay, place, free, come, leave it, and heel. I’ll teach you how to start that process in this video to raise a well behaved, well-mannered dog.

Dogs need daily one-on-one time so why not pick a handful of skills that will help grow your bond, work on good impulse control, and teach them to be mannerly? Everyone loves a polite, well-balanced dog and that’s exactly what spending time instilling skills that promote thinking before acting do!

** Watch By Chapter **

Sit: 2:03

Watch Me: 5:32

Stay: 9:01

Place: 12:05

Free: 16:08

Come: 19:20

Leave It: 23:21

Heel: 28:04


How To Teach Your Dog Place: https://youtu.be/K8kIWDzQArg

Teach Your Dog To Heel: https://youtu.be/JiKiWVkOxco

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Obviously, there are other needs that your canine has like proper socialization, routine, good nutrition, and my three favorite words that I talk about A LOT: timing, consistency, and compassion. Teaching these 8 cues will give you a jump start and actually play a role in all of the needs that I just listed.

Proper socialization – Good integration with other animals and other people requires some communication skills and impulse control at times

Routine – training with your dog at the same time each day helps get them excited in knowing what to expect and in knowing that it’s time to have fun

Good nutrition – use your dog’s food to train! Yes they need highly digestible protein and a well-balanced diet and that’s the key to this need, however, don’t miss the opportunity to use their kibble, (something they love and look forward to) in lessons to build excitement, reduce the likelihood of food aggression, and give them something back that they enjoy

Timing, consistency, and compassion – All 3 of these come into play when skill building with your dog the right way. Want to know what’s really great about nailing these? The trust that is built! These 3 things are what glue together your bond like Elmer’s holding together your most prized art project in grade school.


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